Sales and Shipping Policy

Affinity Shipping Policy

Shipping Lead Times

At the start of 2019, due to the state of scootering in the USA, Affinity have become a two man operation, down from 9. As such we are experiencing longer lead time for production and for shipping. We have only one person processing all incoming orders. 

Lead time in shipping from order placement: 1-7 business day. 

We ask that you please plan accordingly. If you also need an item that doesn't show as in stock, please reach out to - we can manufacture whatever colorways you need on the spot. 

Domestic Continental United States Shipping Policies 

Shipping couriers: We ship using FedEx, USPS, and UPS. 

Retail Pricing: Retail customers enjoy $5 flat shipping

Dealer Pricing: Pricing is calculated at checkout. For the latest pricing, add items to your cart and view the rate

International Shipping

Shipping Couriers: We use FedEx, UPS, and USPS along side FedEx Great Rates and others for shipping items internationally. For larger Distributor orders we ask that shipment pick-up be arranged from our warehouse. We are extremely flexible and want to make things work mutually beneficially. 

Pricing: Pricing can vary wildly and is often billed after invoice.


Sales Policies


Online and In Store Selling Policies

Approved re-sellers must adhere to Unity Distribution's Online and In Store Selling Policies. Unity Distribution Reserves the right to discontinue any relationship for violation of these terms as outlined below. These policies are in place to protect Brand, Distributor, and Retailer alike. 

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)

As a reseller of Unity Distribution Products and Brand it is your responsibility, as the resller, to maintain the Brand's MSRP. Unity Distribution does NOT permit reseller to advertise any products sold by Unity Distribution under the MSRP also referred to as MAP. 


There is only one instance where Unity Distribution WILL allow a reseller to advertise bellow MAP and MSRP and that is during a major season sale which are outlined below. 

  • Christmas Season Sales
  • New Years Sales
  • Initial Summer Sales
  • 4th of July
  • Memorial and Labor Day Sale

Amazon and eBay

Resellers of Unity Distribution are NOT permitted to resell on Amazon or eBay. Period.

Permitted Domains of Sale

Resellers are permitted to sell Affinity Products in their own brick and mortar stores, their own websites, and at events they sponsor through booth and other displays.